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02-03/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
What does a technology fan from
Brazil do when he picks a German visi-
tor up from the Metro station? Saul
Spinetti managed to surprise us: during
the ride through Jardin Maria Estella, a
suburb of the metropolis São Paulo with
its 12 million inhabitants, a live German
radio program was playing from his car
radio. A few years ago this would have
been technologically impossible, but
today it’s just a question of connectiv-
ity: Saul simply used his iPhone and 3G
Internet connection to receive a Ger-
man radio station and played it back on
his car radio through its audio inputs.
Obviously Saul is a technology fan.
He has 11 satellite dishes installed on
the roof of his house and can receive
all of them simultaneously with his two
satellite receivers through his 16-input
multiswitch without reconnecting any-
thing. The still leaves him with five free
inputs, “but I don’t have much room for
any more satellite dishes”, says Saul.
The small antennas for the Ku-band
satellites that he can receive using
60cm dishes have covered all of those
satellites. The only thing missing is
antennas for C-band satellites. “But
there’s absolutely no room for any larg-
er dishes.”
Saul Spinetti works in an animal sup-
ply factory. He acquired his first dish in
2005. “I was so unhappy with the pic-
ture quality and selection of program-
ming from our terrestrial broadcaster
back then that I decided to give DirecTV
a try.” He was thrilled: finally excellent
picture quality and he was even happy
with the choice of programming.
Two years later came the second sat-
ellite dish: “I wanted to receive GAL-
AXY 28.” Two more dishes followed but
that’s when the problems started: “The
installers didn’t know what they were
doing and couldn’t properly install these
antennas.” Saul Spinetti was frustrated
until he stumbled across Carlos from
Antenaomegasat (TELE-satellite al-
ready reported on this online shop and
installer). He finally found someone
that could properly set up his anten-
nas and organized them by installing a
matching multiswitch.
Since then Carlos has installed more
dishes for Saul Spinetti at a rate of al-
most one every six months. “Each time
I had to sit down and talk with my wife”,
grins Saul, “now I have a total of 11
What does a guy like Saul enjoy
watching the most? “I am always im-
pressed with the picture quality of NHK
HD on INTELSAT 9.” Saul has a big
screen TV and naturally wants to enjoy
the picture quality. “Even Brazil’s TV
Bandeirantes transmits an excellent HD
picture.” He also likes to watch CCTV-
4’s Spanish-language channel.
“I’m also a passionate feed hunter”,
explains Saul, “and enjoy watching the
feeds on HISPASAT, INTELSAT 85 and
TELSTAR 12.“ He trades information
with other feed hunters. “We meet on
the Internet page www.exploradores-”
With any luck he’ll manage to install a
twelfth dish. “I would point that one to
BRASILSAT 4.” He also likes the AMC6
satellite in the C-band, “but in this case
there’s interference with terrestrial sig-
As a technology fan, he also equipped
his home with cameras. He can check
out his security cameras at any time
with his iPhone and 3G network.
Saul Spinetti is making good use of
today’s technology and really enjoys
doing it.