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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
dam.” This location is very active with the
uplink of radio stations. He lists them:
“We have been uplinking for Radio 538,
Sky Radio, Veronica, Slam FM, 100%NL as
well as Arrow Rock and Arrow Jazz since
the early ‘90s.“ But that’s still not enough.
CASTOR is developing another business
sector: “We receive the satellite channels
for IPTV providers who then offer them to
customers via the Internet.” One of them
is the IPTV provider ‘Bouquet Uhuru’ with
TV channels from the Congo that CASTOR
receives in the C-band from the RASCOM
satellite at 2E. Another is the provider
‘Premier Satellite’ with some English lan-
guage TV channels from ASTRA at 28.2E.
From the original seven employees it
has become 14 and CASTOR is involved
in many activities in many different ar-
eas that should allow them to tackle any
future opportunities. “Since we have so
many antennas of different sizes available
to us, we can react very quickly to any re-
quests”, comments Edwin Cras and then
continues, “And because of our inexpen-
sive rates we are very attractive to new
1. One of CASTOR’s prominent customers
is the American firm MTN. They provide
cruise ships with TV and Internet services.
Here we see the four-way C-band amplifiers
with redundany for CASTOR’s satellite
uplink with three-way redundancy.
2. VSAT platform (iDirect) for one of the
‘closed user group’ customers.