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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
tion segment is still a specialty of the
company today. “Since last year we be-
gan with ever-increasing success the
installation of fiber-optic LNB systems
from GlobalInvacom”, comments Ľuboš
Other product highlights from
SORTEC include signal analyzers from
HORIZON. “Sales of the HORIZON HD-
S2 signal analyzers have been very
good”, states Ľuboš Bezák”, while the
DVB-T analyzers from HORIZON have
not been as popular. More demanding
installers mostly prefer a combo unit.”
An interesting product that SORTEC
offers are the SmartCard distributors
from SmartWi. “We sell many hundreds
of these devices, especially since the
latest version of SmartWi has become
available”, he explains. AMIKO receiver
sales are also very good: “We generally
use these receivers in our complete sets
for the large store chains.” Because of
the conversion to digital terrestrial re-
ception, SORTEC has been selling quite
a few DVB-T receivers from SYNAPS
(manufactured by Karmacon).
SORTEC has 21 employees of which
six are installers divided into three
teams: two teams handle private cus-
tomer antenna installations while the
third team involves itself with the setup
of large professional systems. “We sell
about 22,000 antennas a year and just
about as many LNBs and receivers”, ex-
plains Ľuboš Bezák as he looks at the
sales figures that he always keeps an
eye on as the E-shop Manager. Does
SORTEC also deal with exports? “More
than 60% of our sales are domestic,
30% go to the Czech Republic and rest
to other countries mostly from EU”, he
lists for us. In the meantime, the head-
quarters in Bratislava has become too
small. “In 2012 we’ll be moving into our
own new building”, adds Ľuboš Bezák.
SORTEC worked its way up meticu-
lously in two decades and is now one
of the leading satellite wholesalers in
Slovakia in central Europe. Thanks to
an assortment of all the right products,
SORTEC will continue to grow and ex-
pand its market share.
1. Should there be a problem with a
receiver, Peter Hajdin fires up his soldering
iron: “Usually, it’s the power supply that’s
at fault and needs to be replaced.”
2. An important part of SORTEC’s business
are MATV systems. Michal Drugaj is
team leader for the technicians of these
professional systems and can be seen here
checking the technical specifications of a
cable head end.