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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
digital terrestrial reception”, explains
Ľuboš Bezák.
But these retail stores only make up
about 15% of SORTEC’s business. “The
largest portion of our sales comes from
our wholesale business and our instal-
lation work”, explains E-shop Manager
Ľuboš Bezák, “From our wholesale ac-
tivity 90% of sales comes from instal-
lations and the remaining 10% comes
from our cooperation with large store
chains.” For these hyper markets and
large electronic chains SORTEC delivers
complete satellite systems that include
dish, LNB and receiver.
“The most requested dish sizes in
Slovakia are the 80cm and 90cm an-
tennas; they make up about 90% of
our dish sales”, says Ľuboš Bezák. “The
reason for this is that for Slovakians the
more attractive channels can be found
on ASTRA at 23.5 east but there are
also many free-to-air (FTA) channels
on ASTRA at 19.2 east that they want
to see”, continues Ľuboš Bezák. That’s
why these larger dishes are fitted with
monoblock LNBs so that both satellites
can be received.
SORTEC was founded in 1992 by
Ladislav Šmárik. Back then he was an
antenna installer and was very suc-
cessful with the installation of profes-
sional systems such as those for entire
housing blocks in larger communities.
This MATV (Master Antenna) installa-