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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
Growth Through
Ladislav Šmárik is
SORTEC’s Founder and
In 20 years a company went from
starting off as a small installation op-
eration to becoming the largest pro-
fessional installer in Slovakia and at
the same time has become one of the
largest wholesalers in the country. We
wanted to know more about SORTEC’s
success story. Their headquarters and
main shop are located in the capital
city of Bratislava within sight of a large
shopping center in which among other
things can be found a TESCO hyper-
SORTEC is not only an in-
staller and wholesaler; they
also operate five retail stores
from which end users can buy
anything they need for television
signal reception. And if you can’t
visit the stores in person, you can buy
from them online. Ľuboš Bezák, Man-
ager of the E-shop, tells us more about
them: “At the moment four of these
stores can be found in western Slova-
kia with the fifth one in the east. But in
2012 we are planning to open up two
more shops in the east.” SORTEC will
then have Slovakia nicely covered with
their satellite stores where you can find
in addition to all the necessary satellite
components, also everything for ter-
restrial reception. “Slovakia is currently
in the transition phase from analog to
Wholesaler and Installer SORTEC, Slovakia