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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
In São Paulo’s old city you’ll find the
Santa Ifigenia church. The street on
which the church is located has the
same name and it is here that you’ll
find one electronics shop after another.
For many blocks there are small and
then even smaller shops sometimes
with their own storefronts and other
times it’s just a small stand in one of
the many shopping malls. The inhabit-
ants of São Paulo, a.k.a. the Paulistas,
can find here any electronic gadget that
they could possibly think of.
It’s easy to get to this electronics
shopping mile: you simply take the
“blue” Metro, Linha 1 Azul, to the São
Bento station. As soon as you exit the
station, you’re standing in front of a
church. It’s actually the São Bento
church (Basilica Nossa Senhora da As-
Once you cross over the Santa Efige-
nia viaduct you’ll end up face to face
with the Santa Ifigenia church. The
electronics shops start to the left. Since
the switchover to digital terrestrial TV
in Brazil is the talk of the town, many of
these shops sell ISDB-T receivers.
Rogerio Teixeira is one of the sales-
man for the “Central Santa Ifigenia”
chain of stores. Is it just a coincidence
that the abbreviation for this chain
turns out to be C.S.I.? “We have five
stores in this area”, he tells us, “The
company was founded ten years ago.”
In addition to security systems such
as wireless cameras, C.S.I. also sells
satellite dishes. It’s not hard to spot
all the dishes on the roof of the store.
“We sell 12-15 of these 1.5-meter C-
band antennas each month”, explains
Rogerio Teixeira as he points out the
packaged segments. The company has
nine employees and ISDB-T receivers
are also sold here: “We sell from 50
to 80 of these receivers every month
depending on demand”, we found out.
The company can also be found in the
Internet at The
company CenterSat has slightly higher
digital TV technology sales. Luiz ex-
2. Rogerio Teixeira sells this 1.50-meter
segmented antenna for the C-band.
50-60 of this kind of dish are sold by
his C.S.I. shop each month.