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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
products like SmartCards and CAMs
and keeps its distance from larger
and heavier products. TURBOSAT has
allowed itself one exception: LNBs.
Yes, they are small, but thanks to the
overall drop in price, they aren’t all
that valuable anymore. But since they
are easy to ship, TURBOSAT has in-
cluded them in their product assort-
Chris Ward tells us how many em-
ployees TURBOSAT has: “Four em-
ployees are in the domestic sales team
for Great Britain with another four for
European and Middle eastern sales.”
Administration and technical have
another six employees. “Then there
are our manufacturing engineers that
develop our receivers; some are here
and others are at the manufacturer in
And, last but not least, we wanted
to know what new products we can
expect to see from TURBOSAT in the
near future. According to ‘Paddy’, a
number of new receivers are com-
ing down the line: “Currently we’re
working on a Linux based DVB-S2 re-
ceiver with MPEG4, CI+, SmartCard,
SCR support and Internet browsing. A
DVB-S2 model with MHEG for Great
Britain will appear at the end of 2011
that will supplement our DVB-T2 mod-
el. We’re also working on a combo re-
ceiver with DVB-S2 and DVB-T and for
early 2012 we’re working on a combo
DVB-S2 and DVB-T2 receiver.”
‘Paddy’ got it right with his “Small
and Valuable” company motto. TUR-
BOSAT concentrates on high-value
1.Customer Support is an integral
part of a manufacturer. James Evans
is in charge here; he gets the calls
from customers when there are any
2. Warehouse Manager Nick Deleslie
transformed his office into a small
showroom. He keeps an eye on
incoming and outgoing shipments.
3. Luke Titshall keeps everything
organized in the storeroom. He brings
the palettes of receivers ordered
by their dealer customers out for
products like receivers and equips
them with more and more outstand-
ing features.
In this way the company will contin-
ue to grow and sales will continue to
increase - and this not only at home
in Great Britain but also in Europe and