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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
sales figures are supported by an-
other important reason: TURBOSAT
receivers are listed with every large
chain in Great Britain. “Our receivers
can be found in the superstores from
TESCO, in the MAPLIN electronics
shops, in CPC, Dixons, John Lewis, at and many others.”
Sure enough, three receiver mod-
els make up nearly 75% of all receiv-
er sales: “For the national market in
Great Britain it’s the T5000 for DVB-T
and it’s brother the T2400 with PVR for
DVB-T2 as well as the ICECRYPT 3000
for the European market.” The latter
receiver we already introduced to you
in our TELE-satellite 08-09/2011 is-
sue with a detailed test report. “The
T2400 even comes with a 2.0 terabyte
hard drive!” says ‘Paddy’. Normally,
such high-capacity hard drives can’t
be connected. “A special chip makes
it possible.”
Sales at TURBOSAT are divided into
two regions: “Half of our sales are
domestically here in Great Britain;
the other half is to Europe.” Interna-
tional Sales Manager Chris Ward tells
us more: “Our ICECRYPT receivers
make up about 50% of our sales with
our CAM’s accounting for about 20%.
SmartCards follow with 15% with the
rest consisting of other satellite com-
ponents such as our own LNB series.”
The quantity of LNBs may be consid-
erable but because of their low sales
value they don’t have much of an im-
pact on overall sales.
The high SmartCard sales figures
comes from another TURBOSAT busi-
ness branch. “We have the exclusive
rights for the Dolly Buster adult-ori-
ented TV service”, reveals Chris Ward.
“We have five channels on HOTBIRD
and we sell our Dolly Buster Smart-
Cards to any country where HOTBIRD
can be received.”
And now we come back to the mot-
to that we highlighted earlier, “Small
and Valuable”. TURBOSAT has placed
its entire focus on small products
since they are easier to ship. “For this
reason we don’t deal with larger and
heavier products”, explains Paddy.
TURBOSAT concentrates on valuable
products such as receivers, small
1. A look in the Technical
Department. Defective units are
quickly repaired here..
2. Technical Director is Ray
Gargiulo. One of his main
tasks is to check production
samples from the manufacturer
in Korea. “TURBOSAT is
an ODM (Original Design
Manufacturer)”, he explains,
“Our own Manufacturing
Engineers design the receivers;
the receivers are then
manufactured based on these