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Wholesaler and Manufacturer, UK
Company Details
Engineers in Research & Development |
Total Number of Employees
0................................ 12 .................................. 25
Average Turnover (Previous, This, Next Year Estimates)
0............................... 2.5 ..................... 5 Mio GB£
Production Certificates
Production Categories
own brand
Main Products
Satellite Receiver
DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, LNB, SmartCards
Turbosat International Ltd
Legacy House, Church Road
Kent ME10 3RS
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
It’s not the size that matters but
rather what’s inside. The founder of
TURBOSAT, who’s called ‘Paddy’ by
everyone, took this motto and sim-
plified it: “Small and Valuable”. We
wanted to find out what he meant by
this and how a motto like this fits in
with a satellite wholesaler and manu-
facturer so we popped in to visit TUR-
BOSAT in Sittingbourne south east of
In Sittingbourne’s industrial park
you’ll find one company after the
other. Not far from here is the mouth
of the Thames and all the ferries to
France, Belgium, Holland, etc., dock
nearby and even the Chunnel, the
tunnel under the English Channel, is
only a few miles away. It’s a good lo-
cation for a company that has their
receiver series produced in South Ko-
rea with customers not only in Great
Britain but also in Europe. Transport
distances are relatively short in all di-
TURBOSAT is a very old company.
The company’s founder came to Lon-
don from Macao in the 1980’s to study.
Then the first satellite TV channels
began to appear and `Paddy´ recog-
nized instantly that this was a huge
business opportunity. He started by
selling satellite systems.
“In our first actual business year
1986 we sold about 500 satellite sys-
tems”, remembers “Paddy” from the
beginning so long ago. The business
flourished and consistently expanded
until it was necessary to acquire a
large warehouse. They moved into a
building in 2004 in Sittingbourne that
is their headquarters still today.
A big reason for the move was the
enormous success of their own re-
ceiver line that was started in 2000
with the ICECRYPT brand name.
“We needed much more warehouse
space”, remembers `Paddy´. In the
meantime though TURBOSAT sold a
gigantic number of ICECRYPT receiv-
ers: “In 2010 it was 80,000 receiv-
ers and for 2011 the numbers will be
about the same”, reveals Paddy. For
2012 though he’s expecting a signifi-
cant increase: “That’s when the ana-
log terrestrial channels in Great Brit-
ain will be turned off.”
That the analog shutdown would
have such an impact on sales figures
is clarified by a look at the receiver
models: “Our best selling unit is the
T5000, a DVB-T receiver.” These huge