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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
at Panodic
19. Only larger manufacturers
like Panodic operate their own
EMC chamber. The receivers
are checked here for any
electromagnetic radiation and
tolerance. A Panodic employee is
seen here placing a receiver in the
2.5 x 4 meter chamber and getting
ready to start the test program.
20. 10 inspectors perform
production quality checks. Here
we can see an engineer checking
a receiver taken straight from
21. The function of the software
is also checked. An employee
is seen here verifying that the
receiver’s menu screen is correctly
22. Can Panodic’s receivers
also work in higher outside
temperatures? Panodic’s quality
control department constantly
verifies a receiver’s technical
specifications. Sample units
are taken out of production and
checked for heat tolerance in
this chamber. The receiver has to
function correctly for four hours at
50°C . The TV monitors are directly
connected to the receivers and
show if the receiver in the chamber
is working properly. Panodic has
two of these ovens.
23. What’s true for heat is also
true for cold. These refrigeration
chambers cool the units to 10°C.
And just like before, the receivers
have to be able to withstand four
hours at this temperature and still
work correctly in order to comply
with its technical specifications.
24. A saltwater spray is also
available to the Quality Control
25. What happens if a receiver is
dropped? With this drop-testing
machine quality control inspectors
can check to see if the receivers
meet the requirements.
26. Production samples are
checked with X-rays.
27. John Dai is happy! He is
Panodic’s Quality Director. With
his 16 inspectors and a supervisor
he is responsible for quality