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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 02-03/2012
not a manufacturer that produces only
when there are orders; they are contin-
uously active in further development.
“We are cooperating with many indus-
trial partners, such as, NDS, Conax,
SuperNovelTV as well as chip manufac-
turers ST and Ali. We’ve also received
licenses from Sisvel DivX and Inview.”
Inview is a provider of EPG informa-
tion and Internet-based additional data
such as IPTV. Thanks to the appearance
of more and more hybrid receivers, the
integration with the Internet is moving
more and more to the forefront.
And that’s how Panodic managed to
work themselves up into the group of
top five manufacturers in just a few
years. From the original three-man
founding team the company has grown
to over 1500 employees and there’s no
end in sight. Alan Yu: “We are constant-
ly working on designing and developing
higher quality products. This includes,
above all, hybrid receivers.” These are
receivers that are mostly interesting to
The expansion of their product pal-
ette suggests that Panodic will continue
to climb higher in the ranks of top class
vinced that exports will also pick up:
“With our new DVB-T2 and DVB-S2
receivers we will increase our market
share and the upcoming football world
cup will increase ISDB-T sales in South
It’s becoming clear that Panodic is
1. Huang Wei is one of the founders
of MICO/Panodic. He takes care of the
strategic orientation of production.
2. Xu Hai Bin is Panodic’s CEO. He’s
in charge of the company’s daily
operations and can reveal to us: “In
2011 we achieved sales of 70 million
USD and in 2012 we’re expecting an
increase to 100 million USD.”