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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
ed into the WLK-100 and is
charged through a micro
USB port. You can connect
it to any available USB port
or you can simply use an in-
expensive USB charger that
you can find in any elec-
tronics store.
The WLK-100 is back-
lit so that it can easily be
used in a dark room. And
even if the backlight is used
regularly, the WLK-100 does
saving mode after a certain
amount of inactivity.
The signal transmission
to the receiver takes place
in the 2.4 GHz range and
should therefore not cause
any interference with other
devices such as wireless
headphones and other simi-
lar equipment.
not put a great load on the
power supply; in fact, the
wireless keyboard can be
used all day without having
to worry about recharging
it. The integrated Standby
function is in large part the
reason for this. It automati-
cally puts the two-in-one
keyboard into an energy
At this point you might
be asking yourself how the
Alien receives the signals
from the wireless keyboard
- did Karmacom already
include a 2.4 GHz receiver
in the Alien from the fac-
tory? No, they didn‘t, and it
wouldn‘t have made sense
either; it would have forced
customers to pay for a fea-
ture that they might not
have wanted in the first
place. Karmacom came up
with a far more intelligent
solution and included the
receiver with the keyboard.
But Karmacom wouldn‘t be
Karmacom if they simply
placed the 2.4 GHz receiver
alongside the keyboard in
the shipping box!
When we saw the WLK-