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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
of continuous use was the rule rather
than the exception.
Have we raised your interest? Simply
go to to download our soft-
ware from the TELE-satellite server. Of
course you also need an 8dtek satellite
meter as well as a TV card or USB video
Once the software is set up you first
need to select your video source (im-
age 8). In the window that pops up you
choose your TV card or the video grab-
ber. Please bear in mind that many lap-
top computers will also list the built-in
camera here.
Next, you select the video format
(image 9). Depending on the TV card
or video grabber various options may
be available; the only thing you need to
make sure is to select 720x576 pixels
(full PAL resolution). The software does
not support any other resolution! Some
video grabbers may not be set up for
PAL by default, but for NTSC or SECAM
instead – in such cases you need to
run the software that comes with your
video grabber and change to PAL video
mode. Finally, you select your 8dtek
model (image 10) and press START to
initiate the waterfall diagram. Due to
implementation of the video function
you need to press STOP if you want to
copy the image using PRTSC.
Happy experimenting!
Image 8: Selecting video
Image 9: Selecting video
Image 10: Selecting
8dtek model.
Image 11: Second test
set-up, this time using a
netbook and the Desired.
Long-term measurement
tests were carried out
with this equipment.