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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
chise.” This means that dealers and
installers can use their own websites
to link directly to P-SAT’s web shop.
Ten of their largest dealer customers
have already done that; Tibor Posta is
convinced another 15 will soon be on
board after which 25 of the top dealers
will be linked to the web shop.
“If an end-user finds something inter-
esting in the magazine, he can order it
online through each of our dealer part-
ners and it always ends up in our web
Tibor Posta would like to publish two
or three issues of his magazine each
year and hopes that this will further in-
crease his exposure and thereby bring
in even more new customers for his
digital TV products. Naturally the costs
of publishing your own magazine have
to be put up against the hoped-for suc-
cess but as Tibor Posta puts it, “How
else are we supposed to reach the end
users with useful digital TV reception
It’s a bold move to start your own
customer magazine. In a small country
such as Hungary (roughly 10 million
inhabitants) in which local trade maga-
zines already face difficulties because