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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
that an external power sup-
ply is not necessary.
All of the popular trans-
port streams can be used.
Since the box modulates
the stream 1:1 and passes it
on to the attached receiver,
raw MPEG, AVI or even DivX
content is not suitable. The
DTU-215 does not modify
the stream, rather, it pass-
es it along with all its infor-
mation in the preselected
modulation mode (for ex-
ample, MPEG-2 or MPEG-
4). The more complete the
stream is, the better the
result at the modulator’s RF
How do you recognize a
complete stream and where
do you get it from? You
should direct yourself to a
stream from a satellite op-
erator that is known for its
proper streams (Tip: larger
worldwide satellite opera-
tors are more likely to deal
with correct streams than
are smaller national opera-
In addition to a complete
PMT, you should look for
numerous other features
of the individual channels
in the stream of the tran-
sponder such as EPG, Sub-
title, teletext, multiple audio
tracks or even encryption.
To record such a stream
you can use a standard
DVB-S/S2 card for a PC (you
can find suitable cards in
this issue of TELE-satellite
on the overview pages of
the award winning HDTV PC
This PC card communi-
cates with the PC through
the PCI-e port so that there
won’t be any problems re-
cording large data rates like